This page gives an overview of the logistic services provided by Gé Simons.

Transport of gases

In the 90s, Gé Simons has expanded its activities into the transport of cryogenic gases.

Nowadays, we employ about 60 experienced and well-trained dangerous goods drivers who are knowledgeable about the products they transport.

Together with our internal safety advisors we offer our customers the necessary quality and safety for dangerous goods transportation.

Though we focus on bulk with cryogenic air gases, carbon dioxide and hydrogen, also packed gases and microbulk and container deliveries are part of our scope.

Dry bulk road transport

Conventional silo transports (silo’s 60-65 m3) are carried out all over the European mainland. We specialize in transport for the (petro-)chemical industry, but also GMP+ transport is part of our offer.
Our our environmentally friendly and always recent fleet is connected to our home base via the latest board computers. This enables us to provide our customers real time data and management information.

Intermodal Transport

For the intermodal traffic Gé Simons focuses on the axle Western Europe (Benelux, Ruhr area, NW France) - Italy.
An efficient organisation is crucial for the effectiveness and success of intermodal traffic. For the Italian market we have chosen for Effepierre Logistics, a strong partner with a proven track record in the industry, safety and quality.
For the intermodal transport, Gé Simons uses 40' ISO aluminium pressure containers (59 m3).
Gé Simons promotes this type of transport in the context of sustainability and the reduce of CO2-emissions.

Silo and warehouse storage

Apart from transport, Gé Simons provides different supporting services for the industry.
Our storage and transshipment facilities -both silos and warehouses- are established in Geel, Belgium. This unit has a very strategic location with a direct water connection: right in the petrochemical area on the Albert Canal, between Antwerpen and the Ruhr region.
We also support the petrochemical industry with our special profect services, logistic and tank cleaning facilitites.

Truck silo cleaning

In Hilvarenbeek we have an SQAS and ATCN certified tank cleaning facility. We offer both internal and external cleaning of silo trailers and containers (no ADR) and issue the European Cleaning Document (ECD) as standard.
Opening hours are:
Monday to Friday:
7.00 am until 6.00 pm.
by appointment.